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Are you building or extending new commercial premises? Are you having a showroom renovation? Was the plaster on the office walls needs repair or replacement or remodeling? COASTAL PLASTERING SERVICES can help you with all your commercial plastering need. We offer all aspects of commercial plastering services, including construction development, shops and shopping centers, commercial offices, cafes and restaurants, clubs, showrooms, industrial units, schools, colleges and much more.

Commercial Plastering minus the Hassle

Our team will provide a complete solution for your commercial project whether small, medium or large jobs, shop & office fit-outs. We deliver high-quality workmanship that looks excellent and is long-lasting. We remove the problems out of choosing and dealing with a commercial plasterer. Whatever your commercial plastering needs might be, plastering, bonding, wall stripping, ceiling repairs, wall repairs, rendering, new ceilings, de-nailing, plaster boarding, plaster & gyprock repair, new gyprock ceiling & walls, damp-proofing, new walls, partitions, skimming, re-skimming, and many more. Contact us to discuss our commercial plastering services in Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Tweed Heads.

Interior construction, worker plastering gypsum board wall.
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Renovating or remodelling a business location is hard unless you hire an excellent commercial plastering service that will make it easy for your business. Centuries ago, the most common method of finishing internal walls was plastering. However, there was a shift in wall finish because of the arrival of gypsum boards or drywall. In the modern era, the perception of plaster may incline towards historical or old buildings. Compared to advanced applications, the ancient method continues to bring many benefits to the property. It is essential to explore the advantages and disadvantages that plaster gives, whether it is for building a new, renovating or remodelling any commercial establishment.

Whether you are a professional builder or a business owner, we can help you to complete your project in no time and with the quality finish. We provide a wide range of services offered to the commercial sector, and we develop a partnership with other contractors, manufacturers, and building project developers.

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Why us?

Our plastering & gyprocking specialists are highly knowledgeable in the field, respectful of the working environment, as well as ensure clean and professional workmanship.

Professional team: Our professional team is always available to give advice and discuss with clients what could be done prior to starting a project. Our experience and expertise give us the ability to know the best approach to take. If you know exactly what you want in your commercial premises, we can carry out the work in no time and have your property in perfect condition for your business. 

Guaranteed Exceptional Quality: Our plaster specialists always work to a high level of workmanship to ensure a seamless job of all our plastering services, and we use quality products.

Flawless customer service: Whether you are a professional builder or a business owner, we are here to help you to complete your project. Our staff are friendly, helpful and dedicated. 

Flexible working solutions: You will get a professional service that includes arriving on time and finishing the work according to your needs and requirements. This can include conducting the plastering work outside your normal working hours. 

Reliable service: Our plasterers deliver an excellent, reliable and efficient services. Our goal is to make sure every customer receives the same level of service every time they interact with us. 

Constant communication: We communicate with you through the projects and make sure we fully understand your needs and wants. 

Competitive prices: Our prices are competitive, and no hidden charges. We suggest appropriate services within your budget. and we produce excellent results.

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