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Suspended ceilings (Dropped ceiling) are a type of services we provide in COASTAL PLASTERING SERVICES for residential and commercial buildings. Suspended ceilings come in various styles to meet the needs of any room and offer easy access for maintenance. Turn your ordinary rooms into a classy and fantastic place with the help of our suspended ceiling service.
What is suspended ceiling?

Suspended ceilings are secondary ceilings suspended from the structural floor slab above, producing a void between the top of the suspended ceiling and the underside of the ceiling slab or roof. The gap between the structural ceiling slab and the suspended ceiling is about 3 to 8 inches; that is why it is also called false or dropped ceilings. It is used to hide mechanical and electrical services within the ceiling void. It allows easy integration of light within the ceiling; thus, it provides comfort to the house or property. It is also a type of architectural design element used in residential and commercial buildings.

Suspended ceiling with LED square lamps sin the office close-up
coffee shop with suspended ceiling

Suspended ceilings are common in commercial properties because they give a useful space for concealing wires, pipes, and installations that would affect the interior appearance of the building. Besides, it also provides a platform for the installation of light fittings, wireless antenna, speakers, CCTV, sprinklers, motion detectors, fire and smoke detectors, and many more. 

Recently, people are very much interested in availing suspended ceilings for their home because it gives a charm, and great ambiance to the room. The space created inside the suspended ceiling is also helpful for the distribution of air conditioning, ventilation, heating, wiring, and plumbing. Creating a suspended ceiling is definitely worth the money.

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suspended ceiling with plants hanging
Suspended ceiling in living room

Why Should You Have A Suspended Ceiling?

Utilising the unused space from the ceiling can benefit your home and your office. There are multiple benefits of using suspended ceilings. 

Good Design. It provides decoration to new renovation and construction of buildings. The finish of a suspended ceiling gives a professional, modern, and neat atmosphere to the room.  

Conceal Imperfections. It helps conceal irregularities, defects, and stains on the central ceiling. It hides all pipes, ductwork, and wires.

Energy-saving. It also improves the building insulation, decreasing the energy expenses, and makes the room energy efficient. 

Soundproofing. It makes the room soundproof because of its acoustic qualities. The noise pollution from above is reduced, so it gives a pleasant, healthy ambiance to the home or office environment.

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